Bespoke home furniture at SHANIBOUR Sarl


Bespoke home furniture at SHANIBOUR Sarl

SHANIBOUR Sarl is a total household and solutions provider for both private homes and government. Find custom kitchen cabinets made of wood or MDF, dining room tables and chairs, and doors and windows made to order. You’ll find them in Gikondo Industrial Park; KK 697 ST. Ample parking is available at their yard.

Their products for homes and offices include; wardrobes, reception counters, door frames & shutters, beds & bedside tables, curtain walls & skylight, floors, ceilings, office desks and handrails. Sit down with the designers at Shanibour and let them help you create the right pieces for your home.

They have great quality products at an affordable price. Another option for its clients is to buy wood and let them process it according to your needs.

The staffs at SHANIBOUR Sarl pursue a customer friendly design and function. They deliver and install their products to ensure quality is maintained. Transport within Kigali is free. They also recommend transportation agents of their products outside Kigali.


Company information: 

SHANIBOUR Sarl Address: P.O BOX 7175 Kigali, Rwanda Location: Gikondo Industrial Park

Phone number: 

+250 788 302 770, 0728 302 770