Transform your Interiors with Granite


Transform your Interiors with Granite

East African Granite Industries produces stone products for homes in the region. Their products can be used to transform kitchens, bathrooms and floors. You’ll find their showroom in the Kigali City Centre, KN4 AV plot 29, opposite CHUK hospital.

Their superior, affordable and locally produced granite include: kitchen tops, walls, flooring tiles, steps, vanity tops, garden benches and cobblestones for car parks and walk paths. They all come in three colors of pink, grey and black. Newly discovered white pieces will soon be available.

Tiles come in standard sizes of 30cm x 30cm, 30cm x 60cm, 60cm x 60cm and 80cm x 80cm with a 1.5 cm width but clients can customize. Kitchen tops have a standard size of 20m x 60m but should not exceed 2cm in thickness which can only hold 200 kilos of weight underneath. Steps which come with a riser and landing of standard 2cm thickness, have grooves added to them to prevent falling.

East African Granite Industries produces and polishes on site for clients with delivery and installation. They recommend transport to be done by them to avoid breakages which will be liability of client once they have been cleared from showroom.


Company information: 

East African Granite Industries P.O BOX 1287 Kigali, Rwanda KN 4 plot 29, opposite CHUK Hospital in Central City

Phone number: 

(+250) 788 387097, (+250) 788 387091